Our Story

From way down under at the South-West coast of the Netherlands..

Hydromatic Rockabilly. Music from the 50s with a modern twist. 

Four musicians who bring unprecedented energy to the stage. 

Tony leads the band with his exceptional guitar skills and powerful vocals. 

Glenn adds to the mix with his impressive guitar and saxophone playing, as well as his vocal abilities. 

Leon forms the backbone of the band with his skillful double bass playing,

 while Marcel keeps the rhythm going with his expert drumming and regular vocal contributions. 

Together ,these four musicians create a unique and dynamic sound, blended with a bite Neo….


Tony : Lead Guitar and vocals.
Glenn: Saxophone , guitar and backing vocals.
Marcel : Drums , vocals and backing vocals.

Leon : Double bass and backing vocals.
Together a bunch of enthusiastic guys .

5-ó-Matic's @ 2024